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Are you looking for strong wholesale business partner?
Are you looking for a company with good cooperation and perfect comunication?
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Wholesale business partnership

Fully Responsible

Our services are focused on reliability and time efficiency. Sales service is able to operate 7 days in week and in the case of need 24hours in a day.

Magic connection between partners

Let us make a magic connection between you and other business partners. It is easy to make strong network of high-efficiency companies with strong partnership. Any kind of wholesale, production or even resale is for us important.

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24 hours a day,
365 days a year

Our team is ready to provide any kind of service no matter what time zone is your headquaters located. Main focus to Europian countries is not an issue and we are able to provide our service to any other countries from the China to Chile.

Featured Brands

Our Optional Transport Services

Transport service for Italy, Austria and east Europe countries

EC Logistics s.r.o.
Vlatimila Pecha 1267/6
(Areál CTpark Brno)

Transport service for Germany, Norway and Denmark

Hellmann Worldwide Logistics s.r.o.
Zdebradska 94
CZ 251 01 PRAHA

Transport service for Poland and Estonia

TRANSEXPRESS Intl. spol. s r.o.
Orlovská 791/40
713 00 Ostrava - Heřmanice

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Sokola Tůmy 1099/1
709 00 Ostrava - Hulváky
Czech Republic